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Quality CCTV System Installations in Cape Town.

cctv on mobile device

Modern digital CCTV systems enable us to remotely monitor our homes or business from anywhere in the world on computer or mobile devices.

Basic CCTV System Installation Checklist.

1. Make a plan or sketch of the area you wish your CCTV installation to cover including distances and any objects that may obscure vision.

2. From the CCTV plan decide how many CCTV camera’s you will require and where to position them to achieve the best coverage and prevent blind spots, consider mounting and cabling options.

3. Decide which type of CCTV camera’s will best suit each position depending on your requirements, indoor, outdoor, vandal proof etc.

4. Will you require night vision capabilities and if so over what distance, will certain area’s be lit even at night.

5. What quality of image do you require, resolution, how much detail do you need to be able to discern.

6. Will static CCTV camera’s be sufficient or will you require pan and zoom capabilities.

7. Will the CCTV system be monitored live just recorded for later reference, or both.

8. Will you require remote access to the CCTV system.

9. Will you require off site monitoring and/or recording.

10. If you require possible future upgrades or additions to the system then allow for this in the initial planning, it will be less expensive in the long run.

If all you require is basic indoor monitoring of a well lit area then the cheap analogue CCTV in a box systems may be sufficient, but the moment you require more then you will need to look at a properly designed customised CCTV system installation.

bullet style cctv camera dome style cctv camera

Home Network Solutions is a specialised CCTV installer operating in the Cape Town areas.

We are able to source a huge range of quality CCTV products from various reputable local suppliers allowing us to supply you with the exact CCTV solution you require.

Our expert installers can not only perform professional installations, but also assist you with the overall design and costing of your system.

How to Choose which CCTV Camera’s to install.

CCTV camera’s are available in a wide variety.

Closed Circuit TV system installations are rapidly gaining in popularity not just in business, but for domestic purposes too.

CCTV systems serve multiple purposes, although the main purpose is crime prevention and loss control, CCTV systems also allow us to keep an eye on the kids in the pool or while they play in the garden.

CCTV systems are available in a huge range of products and technologies to suit every purpose, from the basic system in a box to the ultra high tech digital CCTV systems.

The system you will require will depend on what you need the system to do, there is no point in rushing out to buy that cheapy system from the nearest supermarket if it does not do what you need it to do, so you need to first ascertain what you need from your CCTV system and budget accordingly.