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Sonos Multi-Room Audio System, Supply & Installations in Cape Town.

The Sonos Family.

Sonos Play 1

Sonos Play 3

Sonos Play 5

Sonos Connect

Sonos Connect Amp

Sonos Playbar

Sonos Sub

Click for more details on the Sonos Sub. Click for more details on the Sonos Playbar. Click for more details on the Sonos Play 3. Click for more details on the Sonos Play 5. Click for more details on the Sonos Play 1. Click for more details on the Sonos Connect. Click for more details on the Sonos Connect Amp.

When it comes to multi room audio systems Home Network Solutions, and all our happy Sonos clients, can unreservedly recommend the incredible Sonos System.

Yes there are many other whole house audio systems out there, some are designed purely for background music and many of these other systems require extensive wiring, with fixed wall mounted controls making them suitable for new builds only, not ideal for existing homes.

The Sonos wireless audio system offers unparalleled flexibility jam packed with incredible features that quite simply make it the best multi room audio system on the market.

Sonos operates completely wirelessly, so you simply place the units where you want them and plug them in to power, simple, quick and clean installation. Sonos creates it’s own powerful wireless mesh network, but also offers the ability to hardwire a unit in the unlikely event that it is out of wireless range of the next nearest unit.

Sonos offers a family of devices to suit every possible application. The Play 1, Play 3 and Play 5’s are completely self contained units, built in powerful digital amplifiers with integrated speakers, simply place them on a shelf, plug them in and off you go, set up two units as a stereo pair.

Integrate your existing Home Theatre system with the Sonos Connect.

Use the powerful, 55W RMS per channel, Sonos Connect Amp to power a pair of speakers and a sub woofer for true room filling sound.

Blow your mind with the ultimate Sonos Sub, Playbar and a pair of Play 1’s to convert your TV into a full blown 5.1 Home Theatre system.

Click on specific image for more details on each product.

sonos controller on mobile device

Control your Sonos System from your Android, Apple mobile devices or PC/MAC with Sonos’ free controller software.

Play your digital music stored on these devices on your Sonos System. Sonos supports most audio codecs from compressed mp3 through to CD quality wav lossless.

Stream literally thousands of internet radio stations from all over the world, music, news, sport and chat shows.

Audio device connected to Sonos.

Connect the analogue audio output of other devices,
CD Player, Tuner, TV etc, to the audio input of a Sonos device and share your music through the whole Sonos system.

We absolutely love the Sonos system and could write pages of glowing reports on it’s incredible features and functions and still never do it justice, so we’ll let this video do the talking for us.