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Intercom Systems Supply and Installations in Cape Town.

lady on intercom

Increased need for greater security has seen the installation of Intercom and Access Control systems become more popular both at work and at home.

With more homes and offices being completely walled and gated it’s necessary to have some system that enables visitors to alert the occupants of their presence and enables the occupants to permit or deny access remotely.

Although Intercom Systems are available in audio only options, which are obviously cheaper than video intercoms, we strongly recommend the use of video intercoms if you do not have the ability to otherwise see who is at your door or gate before deciding whether to permit or deny access.

Video intercoms also offer varying degrees of picture quality, black and white or full colour.

Home Network Solutions can supply and install a comprehensive range of quality Intercom and Access Control systems to fit your needs and budget.

Single station audio only Intercom System video intercom system

A basic single station audio only intercom System, with the ability to open a door or gate remotely.

A basic single station video intercom System, with the ability to open a door or gate remotely.

Most Intercom Systems not only enable us to hear and see who is at the door or gate, but also come equipped with a button that enables us to remotely open a gate or door from a safe distance.

Larger Intercom Systems allow for the connection of multiple stations throughout the premises, these can be a combination of video and audio only stations, which can in turn be connected to multiple door or gate stations enabling any gate or door on the premises to be opened remotely from any of these stations.

Alternatively Intercom Systems also offer the multi user feature where you have multiple premises or homes connected to a single, or multiple, gate or door system, as in a block of flats or security development where visitors can alert a specific resident to there presence and that resident can open the correct door or gate accordingly.

multi user intercom system

A multi user Video Intercom System, visitors can buzz the correct user and be granted access by that user.

If you need an Intercom System just give us a call.

Our highly experienced Intercom specialists will be more than happy to assist you with the correct choice of product and design of the most appropriate Intercom System to suit your needs and budget.

multi station intercom system

A multi station Audio only Intercom System, visitors can buzz all stations and be granted access from any station.

Intercom Installations, based in Durbanville - Servicing the Cape Town areas.